InnoVault Features

Because Privacy Doesn’t Protect Itself

InnoVault is the complete solution for protecting your users’ private information. You can add a few lines of code, and InnoVault takes care of capturing the data, encrypting it, managing the keys, and storing it in our secure data store.

Tag, you're it!

Collecting user data for InnoVault is as easy as a tag. You can let InnoVault protect your entire form or select what data you want encrypted. Just add a line of code and InnoVault tags to any field, and it’s in the bag… or the vault, so to speak.

Collecting users’ data for protection is like child’s play.

We know how hard crypto is... so we just made it easy.

You have code to write, features to build, bugs to fix. Who has time to worry about encryption? We do! Let InnoVault do the heavy lifting to get strong end-to-end encryption protecting the user data you collect.

Crypto is hard to get right. InnoVault is engineered with strong crypto by experts who ensure it’s correct from end to end. It uses Tozny’s E3DB technology, built as part of the NIST Trusted Identities Group’s pilot partnerships.

Get risky data out of your database… and into ours!

Your users’ data is stored safe in your InnoVault. You get a secure data store ready and waiting – backups, redundancy, scalability: check, check, and check. Best of all, everything is encrypted – that is end-to-end awesome.

User data should be stored safely, but you don’t have to do it yourself. Push it to your InnoVault, and say goodbye to risky business.

What good is data if you can't use it?

SDKs in your preferred language make it easy to integrate InnoVault with your backend. With effortless functions for decryption, working with InnoVault records will feel like coding for regular data. The flexible policy engine allows for seamless data flow while providing fine-grained control for access.

Get the security you want and the usability you need!

Customize Your InnoVault

Have compliance requirements? Need to host your InnoVault on your own servers?
Wondering how SQL fits into the story? Just want bigger files?

We can do that. Check out custom InnoVault capabilities.


Open Your Vault

Your InnoVault is ready and waiting. Sign up and use all features for free with your first 2,000 records.

Custom Solutions

Need data protection compliance? Want larger records? Have extra administrators? Get your InnoVault made-to-order.

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